13-Year-Old Accused Of Making Ghost Guns Charged For Killing His Sister

Parts of 1911 gun model and .45 bullets on white background

Photo: Getty Images

13-year-old boy accused of making "ghost guns" has been charged with felony murder for allegedly shooting his sister. Authorities in Georgia said that two men came to the teen's home in Douglasville to buy one of his guns. Douglasville is about 20 miles west of Atlanta.

Instead of paying the teen, they took the gun and ran away. The teen pulled out another one of his homemade guns and opened fire on the pair. Unfortunately, he struck his sister, identified as Kyra Scott, 14.

Somebody in the home called 911 and then decided to transport Scott to the hospital on their own. They pulled over at a nearby gas station, where they met paramedics and police officers. Scott was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Officials said that the teen, who has not been identified, was charged with felony murder. One of the two men who tried to steal the gun, 19-year-old Yusef Jabryil McArthur El, was also arrested and was charged with felony murder and robbery. The other suspect remains at large.

Authorities are trying to determine how long the teen had been making and selling the illegal and untraceable guns and how many weapons he sold. Investigators believe he ordered the parts online and then assembled them at his home. He has not been charged with any gun crimes, but officials did not rule them out as the investigation continues.

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