Air Quality Is Code RED: What Does That Mean?

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The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has declared a Code Red Air Quality Action Day throughout the entire Commonwealth for fine particulate matter. 

Why is the Air Quality a Code Red?

Canada Wildfires are bringing smoke to the Eastern part of the Unite States.

Below is the link to the current map. [updated 4:41a.m. 6/8/23]

Follow how the smoke will travel through the United States with

What should I do?

Reduce Exposure Outdoors

Take it easier when smoke is in the air to reduce how much smoke you inhale. Limit your outdoor exercise when it is smoky, or choose lower-intensity activities to reduce your smoke exposure. When indoors, take steps to keep your indoor air cool and clean.

Reschedule outdoor work tasks and activities to a time when air quality improves. If outdoor tasks and activities cannot be rescheduled and must be conducted when air quality is poor, it is recommended that individuals reduce smoke inhalation by:

  • Limiting the time spent outdoors by only performing essential activities.
  • Taking frequent breaks indoors in places where the air is clean, especially during periods with high outdoor levels of wildfire smoke.
  • If you must work outdoors, wear a N95 respirator mask.

Note: Some areas may have regulations to reduce smoke exposure for outdoor workers.

Sensitive groups: Do not do long or intense outdoor activities. Schedule outdoor activities in the morning when ozone is lower. Consider moving activities indoors. People with asthma: Follow your asthma action plan and keep quick-relief medicine handy. Everyone else: Reduce long or intense outdoor activity. Take more breaks, do less intense activities. Schedule outdoor activities in the morning when ozone is lower.

Who is considered a sensitive group?

Sensitive groups include people with heart or lung disease, older adults, children and teenagers, minority populations, and outdoor workers.

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What about my pets?

Pets and livestock can be affected by wildfire smoke, too. Watch pets and livestock closely for symptoms and takes steps to reduce their exposure.

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Weather Forecast From Meteorologist Steve Knight

[Updated 4:41a.m. 6/8/23 CBS21]



We will continue to be a bit hazy over the next few days due to smoke from the wildfires in Eastern Canada drifting south over the Northeast United States. Air quality will remain poor today and remain so through much of tomorrow. This means more sensitive groups need to limit outdoor exposure and avoid strenuous activities. Highs will be comfortable in the 70s with lows tonight falling to around 50.


Both today and tomorrow will see a few isolated showers pop up, rain totals will be light as these showers will be very hit and miss.


Unfortunately, it's another long, mainly dry stretch of weather. This means a high fire danger so please don't burn until we get some more rain.


Today: Hazy Sunshine, Isolated Showers: High 76

Tonight: Partly Cloudy: Low 52

Tomorrow: Hazy Sunshine, Isolated Showers: High 76

Saturday: Mostly Sunny, Isolated Showers: High 82

Sunday: Mostly Sunny: High 88

What does the index mean?

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