15 People Attending Funeral In New Jersey Charged For Violating State Order

A 100-year-old man was one of 15 people who were charged for attending a funeral in Lakewood, New Jersey. Police were called to a residence and found between 60 and 70 people gathering in defiance of a statewide ban on large gatherings due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Deputies tried to disperse the crowd, but they became unruly, forcing the officers to call for backup. Authorities eventually broke up the funeral and charged 15 people with violating any rule or regulation adopted by the governor during a state of emergency. One of the attendees was also charged with hindering his own apprehension because he allegedly gave police a fake name and social security number.

This was the third time in the past week that police in Lakewood had to break up large gatherings. On Tuesday (March 31), police charged ten people who attended an engagement party, while on Sunday, two parents were charged with five counts of child endangerment for hosting a party with dozens of people at their home.

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Photo: Getty Images

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