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(Cumru Twp., PA) -- One person is dead after a crash in Cumru Township last night. It happened on Route 724, near Ridgeway Road where one person was trapped in a car. It’s unclear what led to the wreck.

>>Police Ask For Help On Two Lancaster Township Shootings At Same Spot

(Lancaster, PA) -- Police are asking for help on two shootings in the same location in Lancaster Township over the past two weeks. August 26th, investigators say people were seen fleeing an apartment complex on Michelle Drive after a weapon was fired. No one was hurt. On Tuesday of this week, one person was spotted opening fire with people fleeing the apartment complex again, with no one struck. Anyone with information on either shooting is asked to contact Manheim Township police.

>>Construction On Morgantown Mini-Casino To Resume Later This Year

(Morgantown, PA) -- Construction at a mini casino in Morgantown is set to resume later this year. Officials with Wyomissing-based Penn National Gaming say the casino is expected to open in the second half of next year. Construction began late last year, with the goal of opening the casino this November though crews had to suspend the work in March when Pennsylvania ordered a shutdown of non-essential businesses.

>>Downtown Reading Hotel Doubling As Alvernia Dorm

(Reading, PA) -- A hotel in downtown Reading is now serving as a college dorm. The DoubleTree Hotel is partnering with Alvernia [AHL-ver-nee-uh] University to provide housing for upperclassmen. Officials say this is part of an effort to cut down on the number of students living on campus during the pandemic. They say they are providing shuttle service to and from the hotel as well as dedicated study rooms and meal spaces.

>>Reading Man Gets Life In Prison For Deadly Stabbing

(Reading, PA) -- A Reading man will spend the rest of his life behind bars for killing another man inside an apartment near the city's police headquarters nearly three years ago. A Berks County jury Thursday found Hilario Rivera-Cruz guilty of first-degree murder for fatally stabbing Nelson Rivera-Reyes in September 2017. Police say they found Rivera-Reyes in a large pool of blood and Rivera-Cruz holding the knife on the 900-block of Washington Street. Rivera-Cruz had claimed that he stabbed Rivera-Reyes in self-defense.

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