Governor Reacts To FDA Pfizer Vaccine Full Approval

>>Governor Reacts To FDA Pfizer Vaccine Full Approval

(Harrisburg, PA) -- Governor Tom Wolf is applauding the FDA's decision to give Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine full approval. Wolf says this solidifies the overall safety and efficacy of the vaccine. He added that he hopes this encourages people to get vaccinated who may have been hesitant while it was classified as emergency use to not only protect themselves, but their loved ones and everyone else around them.

>>Doctors Celebrate FDA's Approval Of Pfizer Vaccine

(Harrisburg, PA) -- Doctors across the state are hopeful that more people will get vaccinated now that the FDA fully approved Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. Doctors with UPMCHarrisburgsay the vaccine has been given to roughly two-thirds of the U.S., and there is enough data to show that the vaccine is safe and effective against preventing hospitalizations and death. Penn State Health Doctors say they're seeing many younger patients being admitted into their hospital, and every one of them is unvaccinated. Doctors also believe the vaccine's approval will lead to more employers mandating the vaccination.

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