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(Undated) -- Here's the latest news: A former Reading City employee has filed a sexual harassment complaint regarding the former special assistant to the mayor. A new mobile medical unit  in the Susquehanna Valley will be dedicated to responding to hazmat situations. A new study of the best football cities in America ranks Philadelphia behind Pittsburgh for tops in Pennsylvania. 

>>Former Reading City Employee Files Sexual Harassment Complaint

(Reading, PA) -- A former Reading City employee has filed a sexual harassment complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Reading's Director of Human Resources said in a complaint that the former special assistant to the mayor made inappropriate comments and sent her inappropriate text messages. The complaint alleges that job duties had been taken from her, and she's been subject to hostility at work. Mayor Eddie Morán said in a statement the complaint was investigated and the employee in question is no longer employed by the city.


>>New Hazmat Medical Unit Will Soon Serve Lancaster County

(Lancaster County, PA) -- A new mobile medical unit - the first of its kind in the Susquehanna Valley - will be hitting the road in a few weeks. Officials say the HazMat 2 medical unit will be dedicated to responding to hazmat situations. The unit is part of the Lancaster County hazmat team, a nonprofit that handles hazardous materials calls. HazMat 2 will use special medical supplies and equipment, and it will be manned by volunteer paramedics. Their objective is to be able to get patients treated as quickly as possible so that they don't have to wait to get to the hospital for antidotes or medication. The hazmat team typically gets about 150 calls per year.

>> Returning Citizens Career Fair Gives Offenders A Second Chance

(Reading, PA) -- People who may have had previous run-ins with the law have been given a unique opportunity to find work in Reading. The "Returning Citizens Career Fair" hosted by Reading non profit Berks Connections Pretrial Services yesterday offered forgiveness for past backgrounds that otherwise might not be acceptable to potential employers. Promoters say the employers are hungry to meet individuals with a skill set, with fair consideration given to what they can currently do for a company. Anyone who missed the job fair can still get connected through BerksConnections-dot-Org.

>>School District Turns to Students to Fill Some Staffing Needs

(Lancaster County, PA) -- One Lancaster County district has come up with a unique way to try to meet staffing shortages. Warwick School District Superintendent April Hershey says for her district, anyone who is age 16 or older may apply to work in the evening. Students get paid 11-dollars per hour and can learn important skills. She says having students being able to work during the school year is a new activity in addition to the district's work immersion program. Student employees can work three hours a day after school up to five days a week.

>>Philadelphia Named Second Best Pennsylvania City For Football Fans Behind Pittsburgh

(Philadelphia, PA) -- A new study of the best football cities in America ranks Philadelphia behind Pittsburgh for tops in Pennsylvania. According to the consumer reports website WalletHub, Philadelphia ranked 19th out of 240 football cities, well behind Pittsburgh, which came in first overall as the best city for fans in the nation. The study looked at 21 metrics, including the number of pro and college teams, championship wins, the number of Hall of Fame coaches and players, and season ticket prices. Other Pennsylvania cities in the report included State College at number 35 and Lewisburg at number 118.

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